Where To Get Cotton Yarn In V Rising

V Rising is a very popular game that was released on 5/6/18. The in-game store sells all sorts of items for cryptocurrencies such as Cotton Yarn, Super Energy Drinks, Rims and More! This article will help players find the best place to purchase these versatile products from V Rising’s store.

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Where Can You Find Cotton Yarn In V Rising?

Cotton Yarn is required to complete the Eye of Twilight as the missions progress. This V Rising Where To Get Cotton Yarn guide will teach you where to acquire the Cotton you’ll need to manufacture Cotton Yarn, as well as how to unlock the proper crafting recipes and stations.

To get Cotton Yarn in order to construct the Eye of Twilight, you must first obtain the necessary recipes and crafting stations. You’ll want to hunt down and slay Beatrice the Tailor with your Blood Altar. In this battle, you must be cautious. Beatrice the Tailor will not fight you at first; instead, she will scream and flee about the hamlet. NPCs in the village have bells, which sound when they are notified to your presence. This will summon all surrounding foes to attack you; reduce the amount of attackers first before attacking Beatrice the Tailor.

Where Can You Find Cotton Yarn In V Rising?

You may then create the Loom in your castle after killing Beatrice the Tailor. Now, as indicated in the picture above, you must go to one of the game’s numerous Cotton Fields. To harvest Cotton, you’ll need at least a blue copper tool, but you should also have access to Iron tools at this time, since they perform better.

The Cotton on the Loom may then be used to manufacture Cotton Yarn, allowing you to build the Eye of Twilight and continue the tale.

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