World War II Online plans new vehicles, new weapons, and new features in 2022 dev roadmap

It is early in the year, but already World War II Online has unveiled its upcoming plans for new features as it attempts to remain a top-tier MMO. The game’s developers will continue their work on vehicles and weapons while also expanding on the available choices that players have at launch with new content.

The “ww2 online: chokepoint” is a new vehicle, new weapons, and new features that will be added in the ww2 online dev roadmap. The game plans to add these new features in 2022.


Cornered Rat Software has a lot planned for its large-scale military MMO World War II Online, as the developers have put out a long-term roadmap for 2022 that includes new gameplay elements, vehicles, and weaponry for players to enjoy.

Mobile airfields, new vehicles such as gliders and half-track mobile mortars, improved effects and audio, a new MG42 weapon, the ability for players to drive fuel trucks to support air and ground vehicles, and the ability for free players to fly in certain aircraft are among the features in development for WW2O. Bomber loadouts and integrated voice communications, which were on last year’s agenda, are still in the works.

The roadmap also outlines several features that are in development (but not yet in production), such as the ability for tank crews to repair tank treads, improved features for RDP’s strategic bombing layer, and the ability to fire artillery, complete with a forward observer infantryman class to assist with fire direction. There’s also an update on the standalone early access shooter WWII Online: Chokepoint’s development, as well as the graphics conversion discussed last year.

Because the overall roadmap is very long, interested players should either read the whole overview or watch the presentation video below.


The “world war 2 simulation” is a game that has been in development since 2017. The new features will be released in 2022.

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