WWE 2K22 Review – ‘I’m Not Dead Yet’

It’s been a while since the last WWE game, but 2K22 is here to save the day! With this year’s installment, players can expect even more realism than ever before. It will be interesting to see how well they have brought in new features and gameplay changes that are making every match feel like an experience.

WWE 2K22 is the latest game in the WWE 2K series, developed by Visual Concepts. It was released on October 13th, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has been met with mixed reviews, but it did have a lot of hype going into its release.

At debut, WWE 2K20 was a complete catastrophe. In fact, I gave WWE 2K20 a negative review and said that you should not purchase it. That’s never something I want to write as a lifelong WWE fan and a lover of wrestling games since the NES days. I won’t go through everything that has transpired since the release of WWE 2K20, but the point is that WWE 2K22 has a lot to prove this time around, which gets me to my Review of WWE 2K22.

Review of WWE 2K22

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3 utiVFdFI

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3 utiVFdFI

What I Enjoy

Animations And Controls

The new controls raised some concerns about how they will affect the game, for better or worse. Combos, how they’d be employed, and if they’d be difficult to carry off — turning this into a Mortal Kombat-style fighting game — were also a source of concern. Those concerns, in my opinion, are unjustified. The game will benefit from the updated controls. They not only give it a new vibe, but they also make the game more intuitive and enjoyable to play.

Combos are simple to master once you’ve gotten the hang of them, and they generally only need two to three distinct buttons. However, I must remind you that in order to do an Irish Whip, you must first lock up. This is a bit of a surprise. This isn’t seen in actual wrestling, and I believe it sometimes disrupts the flow of bouts. But, after you’ve gotten accustomed to it, it’s simply something you have to do, and I don’t even think about it anymore. Overall, the controls are responsive, and the movements are simple to execute.

Visual Concepts also done a wonderful job of portraying the movesets of actual wrestlers, in my opinion. The animations that make up the moves are even more impressive. There are a lot of new animations that I’m seeing. The game flows better than any other recent 2K game. At times, I was so taken aback by the effectiveness of the animations that I forgot about some of the series’ ghosts in that area. The Irish Whips look fantastic, and the wrestlers seem to have a greater sense of purpose as they come off the ropes and do different maneuvers. During most competitions, the new animations create a setting where the flow of activity is considerably more natural.

3-8-2022_2-32-29_PM-jxdsb0vz-1024x576Review of WWE 2K22

Some may like it, while others may not, but many of the game’s animations are carried out with little control once you commence them. You’ll understand what I’m talking about if you’ve ever played NBA 2K. This, in my opinion, is a positive thing. If you’re a wrestling lover, it not only makes the bouts flow smoother and appear more like real wrestling, but it also allows you to enjoy watching them play out on TV. Rey Mysterio’s rope maneuvers, such as his wrist lock rope climb and leaping off to flip the opposing wrestler, are one example. When you see it in action, it’s incredible.

However, there are certain flaws in this game, just as there have been in prior WWE 2K games. If you are not in the correct position, an animation may not start. You can be sprinting at an opponent only to perform a diving strike that completely misses its target, causing your momentum to halt (this was a big problem in past games). Regardless, based on what I’ve seen, these difficulties occur much less often than in previous games.

One last point to consider is that some people may object to the wrestlers’ mobility about the ring. It was strange at first, but it was something I soon got accustomed to and didn’t become a distraction.

Presentation And Graphics

3-8-2022_2-29-52_PM-wnrs3wxw-1024x576WWE 2K22 Drew McIntyre

I think most will end up agreeing that the new Presentation And Graphics elements might be the strongest parts of the game. The models have been improved in substantial ways, the textures look fantastic, the crowd reactions are better, the entrances are great, the lighting is spot-on, and the arenas are solid. As far as faces go, they are more hit than miss, although there are a few outliers here and there. I’d say the faces overall are a big improvement as well. I also didn’t notice any severe graphical hiccups, and certainly nothing even close to the mess that was WWE 2K20. Even the hair looks much better. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly acceptable this time around.

One of the other parts I really like is the default camera. It brings you closer to the action and really shows off the upgraded graphics. I think this will be popular among players. Overall, I’d say they nailed Presentation And Graphics this time.

I can’t comment much about how they appear as a whole since there weren’t any user-created wrestlers to download when I reviewed the game, but I’m anticipating more of the same wonderful designs we receive year after year. It’s also something I’m sure I’ll go into more detail on in a future piece.

Gameplay in General


To put it another way, I believe WWE 2K22 is a good game. The transitions are fairly flawless, and the controls are simple to use and open up a variety of realistic locations. To put it another way, you feel more in command. The motions of the wrestlers are more fluid, and it’s much simpler to make a bout seem more like professional wrestling.

The transitions are very well-executed, and I like the dodge mechanism. Reversals are now infinite, which is a good thing since it allows you to rejoin the battle at any point rather than having to wait for your character to absorb a lot of damage before you can do so. Breakers, although a nice idea, are less feasible in reality, but they still look excellent and feel satisfying when done well. Even the CPU versus. CPU gameplay seems to have improved. There are fewer wrestlers hanging about unsure of what to do. They’ll grapple in ways you’ve seen on TV.

That feature feeds into one of the greatest complaints I’ve had in the last few games, which is that everything used to seem so robotic. I’m delighted to report that this is no longer the case. Wrestlers no longer move in a zig-zag pattern around the ring, although I’m sure some people still don’t like how they appear while doing so (which is understandable). They are more grounded and purposeful in their movements. Although it isn’t as smooth as it might be, it looks and feels better.


When you receive special moves and finishers, they’re simple to execute, albeit they might be a touch easy to get depending on the difficulty level. I enjoy the vitality meter, as well as the fact that you have to entirely drain your opponent’s health meter for it to stop replenishing to where it was at the start of the fight. This has undoubtedly been in previous games, but it really fits and seems perfect in this one.

This year, there are no new match types to mention. Multi-man matches, on the other hand, flow a little better, but they still have a lot of the same problems as before. In short, I’m having a hard time finding anything that is obstructing things in the ring right now. Some people may not like the gameplay since it isn’t unique enough for them, and that’s alright. They didn’t create the wheel, but they did spruce it up with new rims and pump the tires.


3-8-2022_1-57-47_AM-ammnqbbu-1024x576Review of WWE 2K22 MyRise

To summarize, it’s incredible. This is where I believe the game will shine greatest this year. But bear in mind that it’s a long way down. Each narrative takes at least 25 hours to complete, not including match times. You begin as a fresh recruit and are immediately put into action. I’m not going to give anything away since the plot is fantastic so far, based on what I saw throughout the woman’s story.

You must cope with everything from social networking to training, increasing your attributes, and branching stories. The commentary is really rather nice, which is one of the finest things I observed. They concentrate on your travel, and it seems to be concise. You may also completely modify your wrestler’s appearance.

There’s a lot to appreciate here, and I believe it surpasses the prior two narrative modes in these games. I’ll have to play it more to see whether it becomes boring, but thus far it hasn’t. I’ll have a post detailing this mode in further detail shortly, much like the creation suite. It merits its own article, but in general, I like the style and believe that other people would as well.

What I Don’t Care For

WWE-2K22-MyGM-1024x576WWE 2K22 MyGM


MyGM could be so much better, as much as it hurts me to admit so. It’s fairly basic, which is unsurprising given that it’s the first time it’s seen in a 2K wrestling game. However, I believe it may have been better with two years of development time.

You must first choose which GM you wish to play as, or you may design your own. Adam “Postman” Pearce, Sonya Deville, William Regal (who is currently in AEW like half the game’s roster), Shane McMahon (whose own father fired him), and Stephanie McMahon are the default selections. To begin, each one will hand you a power card. Morale boosts, unique items like not allowing the opposing brand’s top stars to wrestle for whatever reason, and bonuses for particular things like buying show enhancements are all examples of this.

You begin with an eight-round draft and may continue to pick if you choose, but you must keep an eye on your budget since you only start with 2.7 million dollars and each wrestler is in the six-figure bracket. You must also ensure that funds are available for match kinds, stadiums, production, and advertising. Because Triple H is the commissioner, he keeps an eye on you after every show. He will instruct you to do or refrain from doing specific things. Basically, you may only react with a yes or no.


Wrestlers will approach you with demands or general opinions on many topics. They will lose morale if you do not make them pleased. They may desire to quit your brand if they lose enough. But the difficulty is that it’s difficult to please everyone. Each broadcast has three bouts and two promotional segments. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to watch these commercials. You just get a rating for them. You receive a breakdown of your financials and show ratings at the conclusion of each program.

The game also requires you to match particular wrestling styles, which I find odd. Giants vs. cruiserweights, bruisers vs. specialists, and so on are what they’re looking for. People, I believe, sometimes want to watch wrestlers who are fairly matched, but you’ll be chastised if you do that. Also, make sure you have babyfaces rather than heels. You also begin in a drab high school gym, which I failed to mention. Real WWE venues must be unlocked after weeks of waiting. That just does not appeal to me. When it comes to weeks, you can only have 15, 25, or 50.

Finally, GM mode isn’t really good. It’s short and has several dubious judgments. In any case, I hope this is a major emphasis for the series moving forward since the potential is there in bits and parts.


WWE-2K22-MyFACTION-2-1024x576WWE 2K22 MyFaction

MyFaction is a card collecting game that you will surely like. Those modes, on the other hand, are not for me. Many people like them, and I believe you will enjoy this one as well. It looks a lot like NBA 2K’s MyTeam, so there should be plenty of single-player stuff here. Still, that didn’t make sense to me. So, although it’s a negative for me, it’s more a matter of personal choice than anything else. In contrast, I believe MyGM’s problems will be more widespread.


In the past, 2K’s Showcase mode has been hit or miss, and this one will most likely be a case of the beholder. The match options for Rey are great, but they clearly can’t perform them all since several of his old opponents are no longer with WWE. Throughout the phase, Rey gives a rundown of what’s going on in the bouts. They’re a combination of gameplay and cinematics. I believe there is enough material here to make it exactly the appropriate length. However, the goals might be difficult to achieve and imprecise at times, which can be irritating.

If you like Rey, I believe you’ll appreciate this year’s Showcase. If not, it is unlikely to be worthwhile.



In almost every regard, WWE 2K22 is a superior game than WWE 2K20. It’s also better than NBA 2K19, which I like and know has a cult fanbase. This game is complex, which is why I didn’t attempt to cover everything in this review and will instead publish further pieces in the next days and weeks. It does, however, have its own set of flaws. GM Mode is a letdown, and I believe the same can be said about Universe Mode, where there isn’t much to remark about save that it seems that the commercials have been removed (but there is some talk about a patch for this). (On the subject of Universe Mode, some people are reporting cutscenes while others aren’t, so we’ll keep a watch on that as well.)

Regardless, WWE 2K22 offers a lot of advantages. You have MyRise, which is one of my favorites. Furthermore, the prospect of seeing some of the community’s fantastic inventions excites me as much as ever. Finally, but certainly not least, the gameplay has been considerably enhanced. If you’ve been waiting for a decent game of WWE 2K between the ropes, WWE 2K22 is a refreshing change of pace.

2K Sports has released a new wrestling game called “WWE 2K22”. The game is the latest in the WWE series and it comes with a lot of improvements. In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of the game. Reference: 2k22 forum.

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