You can set yourself on fire to get around Fractured’s new temperature mechanics

Fractured is a sci-fi game, in which players pilot customizable ships through procedurally generated worlds and battle each other until only one remains. Soon the temperature on planets will be affected by their proximity to suns—if you’re too close when a sun explodes, your ship might catch fire and explode with it. To get around this problem, some players are turning themselves into living bombs to blow up early because nobody wants to lose all of their progress in such an important area. The new mechanics seem like they could bring Fractured out of its niche status, but there’ll still be plenty of people who see no reason for leaping onto unstable ships that might burst into flames at any moment before finishing what they started

The “how to afk in rogue lineage” is a guide on how to avoid the new temperature mechanics that Fractured has. It’s a good idea to set yourself on fire before playing so you can get around them.

MMOs that have diurnal cycles (day and night phases) are many. But what about MMOs, where those stages truly matter? Outside of the survival domain, that’s a little more unusual. But Fractured has done it, and starting of yesterday’s update, participants in the current closed beta should bring a coat.

“Now that the temperature and weather system has been launched,” Dynamight Studios notes, “players will need to adjust to the game’s ever-changing terrain at a moment’s notice.” “The realm of the Fractured Online is huge and varied. Different biomes have their own set of characteristics, such as temperature ranges. A temperature/time curve that controls the temperature change of a biome throughout the day/night cycle defines the temperature range of a biome. “At any one moment, the combination of biome and time of day determines its basic temperature, which may then be influenced further by various weather events, either in a positive or negative direction, depending on the event.”

In a word, if you attempt to sprint into the snow without your winter gear, you’ll be “Chilled,” and if you wrap up and travel to the tropics, you could get “Warmed” too much, depending on your racial temperature tolerances, consumables, and other buffs. These debuffs compound, albeit the developer blog doesn’t specify what these negative temperature impacts do to you (it’s definitely terrible, else why bother?). But don’t worry; if you forget your weather gear, you can always use violent magic to slap yourself.

“In severe scenarios, a player may choose to attack himself with Fire or Ice based spells on a regular basis to resist excessive temperatures.”

Ah, MMOs.

The dev blog also goes into detail on the game’s weather systems, which will be available in the beta next week. They basically create random clouds with their own life cycles and events, such as rain, sleet, and snow, and make your life a living nightmare. “Right present, all of the cloud kinds we have have a detrimental impact on temperature,” the researchers explain. “Things may change in the future if special events like as firestorms, meteor impacts, acid rain, and other unique occurrences are added!” Festive.


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